TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '어느날 머리에서 뿔이 자랐다 (CROWN)' Official MV Download mp3 - Download video

  • Published on Mar 4, 2019

  • TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '어느날 머리에서 뿔이 자랐다 (CROWN)' Official MV Director : Oui Kim Assistant Director : Hong Jaehwan Executive Producer : Yoo Jungwoo, Lumpens Director of Photography : EumKo Gaffer : Yoon Seungnam Art Director : Kim Suji Performance Directing : Son Sungdeuk, Kim Subin, Lee Gahun Visual Creative : Kim Sung Hyun, Lee Hyun Ju, Gabriel Cho, Yoon Ji Hyeon Artist Management : Kim Shin Gyu, Oh Gwang Taek, Yang Jun Hyeong Photographer : Jdz Chung Animator : Kyeong Wook Jo, Cheon Seong Lee BigHit Entertainment. Rights are reserved selectively in the video. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea Connect with TOMORROW X TOGETHER: https://twitter.com/TXT_bighit https://www.facebook.com/TXT.bighit https://www.youtube.com/txt_bighit https://www.instagram.com/txt_bighit https://www.weibo.com/TXTbighit http://i.youku.com/txtbighit #투모로우바이투게더 #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TXT #어느날머리에서뿔이자랐다 #CROWN
  • TXT (투모로우바이투게더) '어느날 머리에서 뿔이 자랐다 (CROWN)' Official MV tags


  • Özge İdil
    Özge İdil 3 weeks ago

    BTS : lalalalalala

  • Sonterah Bou
    Sonterah Bou 1 day ago (edited)

    Who is stayed with txt when they were first introduced (MEEE!!)

  • suvimon panngam
    suvimon panngam 1 day ago

    Who is watching this MV everyday 👍🏻. Now 46M go go to 50M. Thank you for supporting the new band.

  • Athena
    Athena 1 day ago

    Please guys go vote for TXT on mwave they are losing!!!

  • Kpop Lover
    Kpop Lover 22 hours ago (edited)

    Friend : who is your bias in TXT?

  • Al Jhone Tongco
    Al Jhone Tongco 2 weeks ago (edited)

    who's here when CROWN has only 7 vi3ws and 11k likes?

  • Filza Elfa
    Filza Elfa 23 hours ago

    You just debuted, but you have won several championships. we are proud of you.

  • Kitty Neeze
    Kitty Neeze 1 day ago (edited)

    It’s only been 20 days and we’ve reached 46 million v13ws

  • Taetaelover
    Taetaelover 20 hours ago

    When I first heard this song I was like...

  • Lily thegamer
    Lily thegamer 1 day ago

    Me: dad meet my boyfriend's

  • Sam Tag
    Sam Tag 3 weeks ago (edited)

    That 7 viewzs are actually the bts members 😂

  • Phan Đức NHân
    Phan Đức NHân 11 hours ago

    Do you like CROWN?

  • 신현애
    신현애 1 day ago


  • its judy playz
    its judy playz 5 hours ago

    bts and TXT are my favorite kpop groups crowns and wings!

  • Duaa Shams
    Duaa Shams 1 day ago

    Lets get to 100M and make them the rookie group reaching 100M the fastest💖

  • Jung Hoseok
    Jung Hoseok 3 weeks ago (edited)


  • kitycat '
    kitycat ' 1 day ago (edited)

    We got 46m in 20 days if we keep our rate like this we will likely hit 100 m by the end of april let's go txties do it for our boys 💗

  • seagull mochi
    seagull mochi 1 day ago

    40m 🔐

  • noha fathy
    noha fathy 6 hours ago

    It's still in Egyptian's Youtube trend and I think the Egyptian people loved these lovely , talented boys so much 💖

  • Banana Beans
    Banana Beans 12 hours ago

    This song has officially converted me to the world of kpop. 😍😍😍 This song is so freaking awesome and catchy!